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Nutella on Toast Archival Print

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Please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be shipped, as these are printed by order at Image Science in Melbourne.

This is Nutella on Toast! It is the central piece and "icon" for my first solo exhibition, "Nutella on Toast: and other things that rest in my soul". Basically the idea for this piece and title for my exhibition came about because for about 7 or 8 months i literally ate nutella on toast every morning. like a daily ritual. I was obsessedddd and ate spoonfuls of it as a snack throughout my day too. Its so yum !!! i'd literally wake up and think "yay. time to eat my nutella!". yum yum i luv nutella. So das y it rest in my soul. along with lots of other things <3

These prints are:
♡Archival, museum grade quality
Accurately colour matched to look like the original paintings
♡Printed on paper made from 70% agave fibres and 30% cotton.
♡Free of optical brightners that are present in most other papers, allowing the colours in the print to last over 100 years and withstand sunlight