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Princesse de Brogli Recreation Archival Print

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Please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be shipped, as these are printed by order at Image Science in Melbourne.

This my recreation of the 1850s by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres called Princesse de Brogli. I love the Victorian era vibes and how intricate and detailed all the clothing was back then. So much care and thought went into every garment and I find it so beautiful. I recreated this in my own style and made her Asian to I guess embody me a bit more but also just thought it would look cool. She a baddie! blue tick verified badddiiiieeee

These prints are:
♡Archival, museum grade quality
Accurately colour matched to look like the original paintings
♡Printed on paper made from 70% agave fibres and 30% cotton.
♡Free of optical brightners that are present in most other papers, allowing the colours in the print to last over 100 years and withstand sunlight